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Dermatologist vs. Hair Loss Practitioner

Dermatologists are doctors who specialize in over 3000 conditions and disorders involving skin, hair, and nails. Skin is quite a complex organ, and beyond what we can see with the naked eye, there is much that happens beneath the surface. Dermatologist goes to school for 12 plus years to study all of the in's and outs of the Dermis and epidermis ( scientific word skin). One might visit a dermatologist if they are experiencing unusual symptoms or growths from the skin that causes discomfort, pain, and in some cases, disease such as skin cancers that can cause death.

Hair Loss Practitioners are not doctors but experts who understand the science of hair and its causes to grow or fall. As a dermatologist, hair loss practitioners work closely with people suffering from hair loss to treat and or curing the unusual hair fall. Unlike dermatologists who are doctors, hair loss practitioners cannot prescribe any topical or oral medications but are certified to use topical products designed to promote hair growth and fight hair loss. Hair loss practitioners should be a licensed cosmetologist with advanced training from an accredited program that provides certifications. The certifications ensure that there is a national board that recognizes and approves of the program.

Let's imagine for a moment that one is suffering from hair loss due to nutrient deficiencies. The best way to determine if that is the possible cause of the hair fall, a dermatologist may have to order blood work to diagnose what is happening internally. One should consider consulting with a hair loss practitioner, who should also be a licensed cosmetologist. The hair loss practitioner will ensure that the correct products and tools are being used systematically and routinely to further promote hair growth according to hair condition, type, density, porosity elasticity, etc.

If you are under the care of a dermatologist for hair growth, having a certified/licensed hair loss practitioner as your hair care professional would be a plus. Having this dynamic duo would help ensure hair regrowth success. Ensuring that the internal body is healthy ensures that what the body produces externally will be healthy also. Remember, it's not enough to see one, especially if you do not see favorable or constant results. Hair loss can be one of those things that some battle for a short time or a lifetime; however, once it is stopped, it can be easily maintained. There may come a time while under the care of a dermatologist, the treatment's evasiveness or aggressiveness is no longer needed. That is when your Hair loss practitioner will maintain your hair growth and keep it healthy and stylish. Remember, healthy hair is always trending at Blown Away Hair Salon & Hair Restoration studio. For more information or to schedule a healthy hair check-up, visit us at


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