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Miss Kisha is a licensed master cosmetologist for over 23 years, founder, and owner of Blown Away Salon & Hair restoration Studios. She is also an educator, trained at the United States Trichology Institute, and is an American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) certified Hair Loss Practitioner. She embodies passionate commitment as it relates to the cosmetology industry. Miss Kisha personally experienced hair loss as she battled stage IV cancer, and as a result, can personally relate to the emotional, physical, and mental trauma caused by total hair loss. 


Hair loss can be traumatic as it causes loss of the feeling of femininity for women and confidence in both men and women. After healing completely from cancer and growing her hair back, it became her mission to help everyone she could who may struggle with hair loss. No matter if the hair loss is induced medically, temporarily, or due to immediate or ancestral heredity, the mission is the same: to stop it, slow it down, or prevent it altogether.
You no longer have to battle hair loss alone! Every client’s experience with hair loss is different, and for that reason, the approach to finding solutions must be appropriate for the given situation. Blown Away Salon & Hair Restoration Studios ensures that every client is treated with respect and confidentiality. Blown Away Salon & Hair Restoration Studios is a para-medical cosmetology studio that incorporates both cosmetology and trichology technical approaches for an all-inclusive hair care experience. 


We strategically implement proven hair loss restoration services, skin health services, and all hair needs. We are knowledgeable about all trending styles, to include wigs and extension services. Blown Away Salon & Hair Restoration Studio is here to use our knowledge to provide you with solutions, guidance, personal and expert experience by qualified professionals to help achieve the results you want.

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